Suggestions Needed

So, we’re looking for suggestions for things to review. Please post them in the comment section. Let’s start with tv shows.

We read that to be a professional television critic, you must have “formal” education in the television industry. We aren’t buying that at all.

We are both employed in high pressure occupations. We spend our days spinning our wheels in solving problems and working our fingers to the bone. When we get home, we need an outlet and a way to unwind. Sometimes that is a good book, sometimes it’s walking and working out, but our all-time favorite is TV! We may not have a degree in this field, but we have amazing insight.

We are the ones on our couches screaming in excitement at Walking Dead. We are the ones crying our eyes out when Dr. Green died. We are the ones invested in these characters and shows. We are the ones that talk at the water coolers. TV was made and continues because of fans like us, all of us.

We have a lot of options on all things entertainment. Please, send us suggestions of things to review. We promise to be honest and interesting.

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