Well Crap!!! How to deal with Disappointment.


So, without getting into too many details, last month I found a job that would be perfect for me. I have the experience and the education that would be perfect for it. I applied the second I saw that the job was available. I had a rockin’ resume, amazing references, and so on. I thought I had it. I went in for the interview prepared and looking awesome. Very professional. I killed it in the interview. I was told that I would hear about a second interview today.

Today is here. I was ready to go and kill it again. I got a call and I felt excitement in my heart.


Long story short, I didn’t get it. I received a very polite phone call informing me that they offered the position to another candidate and it was accepted.


In that split second, I felt my heart break, but I knew a couple of things.

  1. I need to keep it professional. I could not let my voice crack, or let the person hear my heart break over the phone.
  2. I need to make the decision on how to react to this news.

I learned along time ago, that no matter what I feel, I have the ability to choose how to react. Yes, I felt disappointment, but I am not letting that get me down.

Steps to dealing with disappointment.

Disappointment 2

Step 1. Not PANIC!!!!  Your first instinct may be to cry, or scream, or throw things. You need to keep your wits about you. If you study crisis situations throughout history, you will find one thing to be true. PANIC doesn’t help.

Step 2. Understand the situation. Even though, I felt (and think, and know, etc…) that I was right for this position, they did not think so. I did all of the right things but it didn’t work out in my favor.

Step 3. Surround yourself with people that understand you. Make it clear to the people you are with as to how you need them to be there for you in these times. For me, I need people to know I don’t like pity. I don’t want to look at someone and see pity in their eyes. Gross! I need to hear, “Too bad”, “no worries”, etc… If you’re someone that needs a bowl of ice cream, make sure that the people in you life know this.

Step 4. Keep moving. If sharks stop swimming, they drown. People are like sharks in that if you stop moving, growing, trying, learning, striving … you will drown. Find something to keep you going. Your current job, a hobby, and so on. Don’t let a NO stop you. Remember, you are a shark!

Shark 2

Even though life will sometimes kick you in the teeth, just know that it can and will improve. That job was not on my path apparently. There is something else out there for me. I need to keep my chin up and just keep going.

Until next time…

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