Leah Remini: scientology and the Aftermath

It’s been awhile, but I’m back. And I promise, I will TRY to blog at least once a week (more if you’re lucky).

I have been watching a lot of TV here lately. I mean A LOT. Some would say I need a hobby, but I would tell them to screw off. It’s research. More about that later.

I came across a documentary series by Leah Remini on Hulu. I know, I’m behind the times, but here I go…

WOW! What in the … I can’t…

In 2013, Leah Remini escaped the church of scientology. Let me repeat that, she escaped from the church of scientology. She and a former high ranking official from the church, Mike Rinder, go hither and yon talking to others that have ESCAPED the church or those who have done research on the church and it’s inner workings.

impress suppre

The stories on this show are hard to believe at times. The stories from those that grew up in the church completely break my heart. When I hear stories of children being abused allegedly (I don’t want to get sued), I just want to go “Momma Bear”.

I did not want to take sides until I did my own research. I looked through tons of research, both pro and con. I poured over statements from present and former members. I read through some of the churches literature. I think Leah and Mike are right in their fight to help others escape the church. Please remember, I said think. This is just my opinion so chill the hell out. I feel safe that no one from the church will read/comment on this review as they are not allowed to read anything that is against the church. So, no rude comments towards me or I’ll write up a knowledge report on you.

I am not going to bash anyone for joining the church. I am very much someone that looks to do good in this world. I get it folks. But what I don’t get are some of the church’s policies and the abuse that is alleged by so many individuals.

I would recommend this show to any freaks like me that will sit and binge watch documentaries. Remini and Rinder appear to aim at getting the stories told, and helping other that have been hurt by the actions of the church.

The first two seasons address policies of the church and the major players. They talk about the ranch thatscientology bad kids are sent to (again allegedly), the church’s views on children and family (allegedly), disconnecting from suppressive people (allegedly), and allegations of fair gaming.

A&E has renewed the show for season 3 with no release date revealed. I am absolutely excited. I also got a little giggle when I found that the church blocked me from the church’s Facebook’s page. I wonder why…

king slayer

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