Tonight, I went to the first planning meeting for one of my big adventures to come in the next few months.

My feelings range from excitement to terrified.

Let me just say that I am not very religious. I’m very knowledgeable about many religions, but I have cultivated my own beliefs. Some align with my church, but some don’t. My beliefs are my beliefs.

I am a big believer in service. I love giving to others and making this world a little better. This new adventure gives me this opportunity.

I will share more on this later. All I ask of others reading this is to give me a prayer, light a candle, or kill a chicken (Please don’t kill any chickens. That was just a joke. I don’t want PETA to come down on me. You see what they did to animal crackers.). I just want some good vibes to help me through the journey I’m about to go on.

Thanks in advance.

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