Finding My Solace in Writing

Leon's Existential Cafe

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had an obsession with the written word. I remember how enamored I was with books, and captivated by stories; I couldn’t believe that people, regular old human beings, created them. As amazing as the human mind is, back then, the richness and complexity of books, even fairy tales, baffled me; but, I wanted to become one of those authors ever so much. So, I started writing, and I wrote as often as I could; I wrote stories of heroes and villains, tales of my own favorite superheroes, and I wrote about my life as though it were different, a life within my own control.

As a kid, you mainly feel like things happen to you, rather than you happening to things, and that sense of vulnerability is carried in you until adulthood. Although, that sense is normal, it’s amplified by a difficult home…

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