The picture of strength


So this happened yesterday. My kiddo was at bat, and the pitcher beaned him right on the elbow. The ball hit him so hard it left marks from the seams of the ball. Wow! Everyone watching gasped at the same time.

He sat out for a little while after he got beaned, but then again was up to bat. If he had said that he couldn’t, that would have been counted as an out and the game would have been over.

No one would have blamed him for the out, but he could not do it. He got up and went to the batters box. He played through the immense pain. He wasn’t scared, and did not jump out of the batters box. He struck out and the game was over, but he went down swinging.

Even after losing the game, he had a smile on his face. I asked him if he was ok and he told me that he was proud of himself for staying in to and trying, no matter the result.

How different would we be if we, even though we are in pain, and the deck is stacked against us, we kept going? How different would it be if we didn’t let the fear of being hurt again stop us from trying? How good would it feel to be proud of yourself?

Yes, you will get hurt in life. But the feeling of pride is so much sweeter than the feelings of fear.

Go be awesome.

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