How To Get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like It

Motivation can be so elusive. I enjoyed this article and I was motivated to share. See what I did there?

Forever Motivated

Motivation. Sometimes you have it; sometimes you don’t. And sometimes, you just have to go out and find it.

Even the most motivated of people have days when they struggle to be productive, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you haven’t been feeling motivated lately. Hey, I haven’t written a blog post since September because I haven’t had the motivation, and my whole blog is based on motivation! *Insert embarrassed emoji*

The best way to drag yourself out of a rut is to take tiny baby steps. So I’ve broken this blog post down for you to help guide you in the right direction. (I’m too kind, I know) I’m not saying you’re going to be Mr Motivator by the end of it, but you’ll definitely be on your way! So grab a cuppa, notepad and pen, and get ready to climb out of that dark hole you’ve…

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