My Hero of the Day is …

My husband/ex-husband!!!

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The nature of our relationship is a little tricky. He and I are physically separated, but nothing has been filed. This has been the deal for several years.

Since separating, he and I have been best friends. We are friendly or both the kiddos and for ourselves. We married our best friends, but the marriage didn’t last. The friendship did.

I have lately been overextended with work, activities for the kids, and everything else. So, as of 8:15 pm last night, I had been signed up for helping to serve dinner at the church (yes, I go to church, and yes I’m active in said church, but I’m not super religious. That is for a later blog). I was also signed up for ringing the Salvation Army bell at the same time as dinner and my little kiddo was in a Christmas program at the church after dinner, but during the bell ringing.

Tonight is absolutely freezing, and my hub/ex-hub offered to take the older kiddo to ring the bell. He and the kid stood in the freezing cold, ringing a bell while I was nice and warm.

I will go more into separation in later blogs, but I would like to say thank you Joe. Now go get warm.

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