057EDECF-5515-4D5D-93B1-C54A2EF21894Today I ate lunch alone. I went to Panera, ordered, and sat down at the window. I enjoy eating lunch in solitude from time to time. There’s no one trying to talk to you while you have you mouth full of food. But today was different. Instead for solitude, I was alone.

Being alone is odd in that, no matter how long I am alone, I never seem to get used to it or feel comfortable with it. Right now, that is a big part of my depression.

When I go out to lunch in a public place alone, I do that for the chance of meeting someone new that I’ll fall in love with. It’s the same idiotic romantic crap that I’ve seen a million times in movies. Truly, I blame the film industry for that dopey idea.

I still hold out hope of finding someone. The hope that I am hold seems to get smaller and smaller though.

I usually post happy and motivational stuff, but I had this going on and I needed to get it out.

If you’re going through something, put it out there and don’t hold onto it. Write about it, talk to someone, but don’t let it fester.


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