Movies for a mood. Part 2, when you wanna feel scared

Television Magnets

Horror movies are what supposed to be the stuff of nightmares. Taping into our worse fears and filling us with the feeling of dread. A good horror movie knows how to use everything to its advantage, from the music, to the slow build of tension with images that invade your dreams and the thrill of figuring out who’s the possible next victim, which lets face it in some movies is a little too easy to figure out.

So with that said let’s turn off the lights, get under the sheets and cuddle up with your partner because these are not movies you should be watching alone.

The exorcist

“What an excellent day for a exorcism.”

Based off a true story of a real exorcism of a boy named Roland doe the movie certainly has its creepy weird images to stick in your head long after the films ends. With images…

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