My To-Do List

I am constantly making to-do lists. I make them for work and for things that I have to do in my personal like. That being said, I don’t always get everything on the list done. There is something psychologically satisfying when I am able to take my pen and cross an item off my list.

I am sitting in my booth at lunch and I overhear a conversation. No, I am not eavesdropping. The guy is talking so loudly that he is almost advertising his conversation. He is talking about a woman’s perfume and how he loves it. Alluring is the word he used.

This leads me to the idea that I have yet to find a perfume for me. Yes, I use cheap body spray, that I think is great, but I don’t have a signature scent.

Today, I am adding “find my signature perfume” to my personal today list. I have to delusions that having the right perfume will lead to Mr. Right, but I would love for just one of my attributes be described to someone else as “alluring”.


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