I know it’s Thursday …

Victory! I woke up, fully aware of what day it is. I went to bed later than usual, but I didn’t wake up at all throughout the night.

The apartment I want is a little more than I wanted, but I think I can swing it. I will be getting a second job to help with the expenses. The kids were on board with the idea of moving into an apartment.

Today I’m going to look forward to changes and challenges with excitement and not fear. Today I’m going to look at the possibilities and not the perils. I know it sounds as though I’m going to go around wearing blinders and a big dumb smile on my face but that is incorrect. I’m fully aware of the difficulties I will be facing. But instead of constant worry, I am focused excitement.

Worry and fear are easy to hold onto. I have a tendency of being stuck in that place of dread. What ifs, shoulda, couldas, etc … When we are stuck in the land of coulda shoulda, we forget that it will all workout. There are solutions to any issue or dilemma if we stop panicking and take the time to think.

Focus on the joy and don’t hold onto wasteful worries.

cheerful close up coffee cup
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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