Solo lunch

Yes. It’s Valentines Day and I am flying solo at lunch. I decided to take myself out to lunch.

Im thinking about ex’s and I’m experiencing mixed emotions. There is only one from my past that I would consider a good catch. That says a lot about my choices in the past.

I am also thinking about finding someone new.

I wrote this morning about focusing on the excitement of something new and not to waste time worrying. I have been so focused on the anxiety about finding someone new and starting a new relationship, I have completely forgotten to focus on the excitement of someone new.

Yes, the initial stages of relationships can be difficult, but it can be fun. As an introvert, putting myself “out there” is the thing of nightmares. The thought of merely talking to someone new makes me break out in a cold sweat, but it’s a necessary evil. I will try to focus on the excitement of meeting someone new and not my fears and anxieties. A209C8C5-C5F3-4BF7-9199-A5AB309F0CE6

If anyone has any insight as to how to meet new people, it would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Valentines Day



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