My first trip to Ikea

Hej! That is hello in Swedish. Today I had a chance to go to Ikea in Atlanta, GA. Now, this was the first time I have ever been to an Ikea store. It was sensory overload, but wonderful.


I needed to start getting stuff for my apartment that I will be moving into April or May. I have realized that I am starting at square one. I have almost nothing. Let me reassure you that I am an adult, but I have nothing. It’s part of the perils of being the bigger person.

When my husband and I separated, I was the one that left the home. I allowed him to keep everything. I realized the kiddos’ world would be turned upside down enough. I moved in with a family member and had everything I needed.

Now, I have to buy another life. Beds, a couch, sheets, … Hell, I had to buy a dish rack. Some people might be bitter about having to start over. I’m taking this as a challenge and an adventure.


If you should find yourself needing to start over like I did, or if you are just wanting something new, let me suggest Ikea. The prices were amazing and there was a great selection of everything. This is the first of many trips I will be taking to Ikea.

The next adventure will be getting all of the furniture put together.

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