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This has nothing to do about working out a tight 15. It has to do with proper etiquette when you attend a comedy club. I am writing this as my trip, may pilgrimage to see one of my favorite standup comedians is just around the corner.

My love of standup comedy started with Dennis Leary’s No Cure for Cancer. I don’t get a chance to see a lot of standup in a comedy club, but when I do, I’m a happy girl. Well, that’s until someone wants to take over the show or when someone gets too drunk. People can be jack-asses. The following is a list of rules to follow when at the comedy clubs.

1. Arrive early.
2. Take a potty break before the show starts.
3. Put your cell phone away. And I don’t just mean I’m your purse or pocket. I mean turn it off!!!
The first three rules are to help prevent innocently interrupting the comedian during his or her set. Standup is hard enough for the professionals. Get there early, go pee, and keep your ass in the seat and your phone off. 


4. Don’t try to record the set.
If you do this, you are a lowly POS. Don’t mess with their livelihood.

5. If you know the punchline to a joke, let the person at the mic say it. You need to shut the hell up.

6. Don’t over do it with the booze. A jackass is bad enough with the help from alcohol. Even if you are a fine upstanding person, you too can become a jackass.

7. Don’t be delicate. If they make fun of you political guy or gal, or if you get butt-hurt over a religious joke, keep it together. You can’t be sensitive at a comedy club. Lighten up and laugh.

Follow these rules and you can have a great time.

Until next time…


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