Toxic Leadership

Tim Ferriss explains the damage that toxic leadership can cause.

When you are working with someone that is toxic, it makes your time at work unbearable. Its worse when that toxicity comes from the top. Toxic leadership kills staff moral, productivity, and growth.

Here are some of the characteristics I have seen just recently.

Selective Bullying: Targeting a certain employee or group with aggression and giving favors to others without a just cause. They mistreat the individual or group in a way that the ones receiving the special treatment notices.

Lack of Knowledge and Unwilling to Learn: Leadership that is unaware of the job done by others and show not willingness to learn. Cross-training is essential in almost every field and profession. If you don’t know the job, how are you able to supervisor and make sure the work is getting done?

Pity Parties: When a supervisor is corrected by the higher-ups, they come and ask those they supervisor “Did I do anything else wrong?” or “I was just trying to help out but I guess I was wrong”. Wow!!! That is textbook narcissism.

No Vision for Growth: It doesn’t matter what field or profession you are in, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying”. Even in the crazy world we live in now, we need to always be looking towards growth. We need to push ourselves to be innovative or we will grow week. Toxic leaders throw their hands up and say “There’s nothing we can do to grow”. Translation, “I’m not going to try”.

Lying: No need to elaborate on this one. When a leader shows deception, faith in that leader is lost.

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