Not Today Rage

I had a bit of a struggle this morning. First, I got a piece of glass stuck in my foot. It required some contorting to remove.

Then I spilled makeup remover on my floor.

Then I spilled some eye shadow on the floor.

Usually this is where my rage would come out. I would slam things, stomp around, and carry all of that rage with me all day.

I took a second, saw how my day would look like, and came to the decision that is not what I wanted.

I stood there, looking in the mirror, naked and completely alone and said out loud, I am making the decision to change the state I am in and not rage.

And you know what … I didn’t. It was that simple. Well, maybe not that simple. It has taken me a long time to be able to slow down the Rage Monster inside and consciously make the decision to change my state.

Will it would out like that every time? No. But that doesn’t make today’s victory any less important. This is a big step for me not to allow the Rage Monster to control my day.

I’m going to keep it going and enjoy today.

Happy Friday!


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