Friday Wisdom

It’s been a while but I’m back!

I’m adding Friday Wisdom to my regular posts along with the word of the day. Here we go, my first bit of Friday Wisdom.

If you communicate your standards to someone and it ends your relationship with that person …

That relationship was meant to end and perhaps ending it is in your best interest.

This stems from a guy I had been seeing. It was very casual and fun. After years of neither one of those things, it felt great at first. Today, we had a big conversation, the “what are you looking for long term” conversation.

He told me that after thinking about it, he doesn’t want commitment. I told him that I am looking for long term commitment. Something comfortable and secure.

I couldn’t let it go. I had to ask him about his aversion to commitment. His answer was the closure I needed. Here is the exchange.

Seething with rage was what I initially did upon reading this. Then I put on my investigators/counselors hat and read between the lines. I wanted to craft my response in a way that conveyed my standards without attacking and communicating that I highly value friendship. But trust me, I wanted to rip his damn head off. Here is my response.

Don’t let anyone make you their option. Value yourself more and communicate that value to others.

It’s ok to say goodbye. Goodbye John.

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