It’s Wednesday and time for a Haiku

I can’t help but think

There is someone out there now

Wanting to love me.

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I’m trying to stop looking for someone and just let life happen and that person find me, but I can’t help focus on the love that I pray will be.

One day Billy.

(There’s no one named Billy. It’s an inside joke.)

Solo Lunch

Back again. Same restaurant, same club sandwich, same famous honey mustard. I am sitting alone pondering the wonders of the universe. I’m not getting too far pondering the universe, but there is something to be said for being able to walk into a restaurant and not even having to order. It’s nice to be known.

Right now, I’m trying to make a major decision. Do I hold out for an apartment that I want, or just go ahead and take one that is so-so. Here’s the situation. I have been with family members and I am about to lose it. I have learned that I cannot live with anyone that is passive aggressive ever.

I have very few options in town. I have found two places. One is so-so within my price range and the other is amazing and a little above my price range. The so-so apartment is available right now, but the apartment that I really, really, really want will be ready in about June.

Do I stick it out with the passive aggressive smokers (I have just stopped smoking and it’s killing me) or do I hang on for the apartment I love?

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