Going over the edge…

I’m going over the edge of a 5 story building … for a great cause!!! https://give.overtheedge.events/91OUu2?ref=ab_2oMxad0G5X02oMxad0G5X0 This is the link to donate. I am raising $1000 to be able to try rappelling five freaking stories. Please note that I have never done this and may fall to my death. A little info on this organization…Continue reading “Going over the edge…”

Be a Priority to Yourself. — Boss Digest

Self-care, treat yo’self, yolo… Some of my favorite things in life – and also some of the most mocked, belittled, and convoluted ideals. When in reality, it might be exactly what you need… Lately I have transitioned the way I coach my clients a lot. I have been doing a lot of self-development work, a […]Continue reading “Be a Priority to Yourself. — Boss Digest”