It took a while yesterday but I’m feeling better. I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for most of my life. Yesterday is what I like to call a depression eruption. I’ve been sitting on feelings of loneliness for a while and after a couple of events happened related to being alone … Ka-boom!!!!

I shutdown, I am unable to focus on anything, and I cry. I go to very emotional dark place which again I have been struggling with all of my life.

Today, I am feeling better so I’ll focus on that and make the most of today.

Introvert Vacay #introvert #treatyourself

Well, I’m doing it and loving it. A vacation by myself. I drove two and a half hours solo, checked in and had a late lunch. There is no one that I have to worry about and no one I have to talk to. This is sooo nice.

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For convenience, I had lunch at the bar and my drinks at the bar (I’ve had a few). If I want to talk to someone, I can, but unless you’re the comedian I came 2.5 hours to see, I might not be chatty.
This was the best Shepherds Pie I’ve had  It was at Ole Red in Nashville, TN. I know it’s corny to go to places owned by celebrities, but it was amazing. 


I refuse to feel guilty about treating myself. I had tasked myself with evaluating my life and what I want. Done. I want a forever someone to have adventures with in life.

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I am going to be doing a lot of this and treating myself without the guilt.

How do you treat yourself?