How to Start a Daily Planner — Power in the Plan

Want to get in the habit of planning for each day, but don’t know where to start? This is your guide for things to think about and a proven method for getting in the habit of daily planning.

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Magic is in the air, it’s that special time of the year, where long ago we would of wished our little hearts out for things we wished to appear on Christmas morning, and now we probably feel as if that magic has vanished into thin air, that is not true, it is the way we think and do things that have changed, the basic’s of “magic” as we like to call it are still the same and always will be, it is how we view our ever changing life, that makes that change for us in how we think and what we feel are our possibilites, it was once said “Imagination, is the true magic “carpet”……………………….The problem very often is in, how life has treated us, or us life, depending on how you look at it, whether we have alot of happiness in your life, and how grateful we feel…

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Trying to stop

I tried to quit smoking (no judgement, I’m trying to quit). I tried medication and ended up with depression and itchiness (reaction to the meds). Now I’m going back to the patch. I used it many years ago and stayed smoke-free for four years. I only started back due to stress from a job with child protective services.

Wish me luck!!!

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