What just happened?

So, someone got super pissed off to me, and I did nothing wrong. Several people have gotten pissed at me, and again, I did nothing wrong. Please know that if I’m in the wrong, I admit it. I have no problem with admitting when I’m wrong.

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What to do now? I could get equally as pissed and let the hate and resentment grow. Let’s call this option one.

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I could act out passive aggressively. That will be option two.

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Option three is to apologize. I could apologize. Yes, I don’t do anything wrong, and I could apologize. That’s health right?

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My last option is to … do nothing. Go to bed, wake up, take the kiddos to school, go to work, and live my life. I can make the decision to be happy and let the others be miserable. I can focus on what I am responsible for, and let others be angry. I can let it go, and go on.

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In the past, I would go for option three. I would take on their feelings, and end up feeling like crap. I would grovel for acceptance when I didn’t do ANYTHING, and I would end up feeling horrible until I received what seemed to be acceptance.

WOW! How screwed up was I? I’m trying to do things differently right now. I am too old and tired to put up with this crap.

If you are put into similar situations, please let me know. I just want to know that I’m not alone. I would love to be a source of support for those who are going through the same things.

Have a good night and sleep well.

Until next time…