Can’t sleep


Why am I wide awake? I should be asleep by now, but I’m not.

I rarely experience insomnia so when I do, I just don’t like it.

My insomnia is usually rooted in the fact that I need to finish something.

The Dreaded Resolutions

New Years

It is now time to begin thinking about those dreaded resolutions. The resolutions that I am gung-ho about in January. By March, those resolutions are a vague memory. I kept one from last year. I have taken time, usually in the morning, and I find things in my life that I am thankful for. Taking just a small moment out of my day to focus on gratitude has helped a lot. I honestly think this is the only resolution I have EVER kept.

Now, I am coming up with my list for 2019.

  1. Find a new job. I need to find something in which I make a little more money. I can’t seem to find anything outside of social services. As a single mother, I need to be able to provide for the kiddos and social services is just not doing the job.
  2. Find a new relationship. I need to start dating and getting out into the real world.
  3. Write more.
  4. Stop smoking. I have talked about this previously, but I have not started that journey yet.
  5. Start running again. I loved it and I need to start getting back to things that I loved in the past.
  6. Take better care of myself. No explanation needed for this one.

We’ll see how all of these are going in March. Don’t be surprised if I delete this post and deny these resolutions ever existed.




The question of the day today from Dream Big, Dream Often was about regret. We all have regrets in our lives.

Regrets eat at you and attempts to tear you down. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

I hope that each of you out there find someway to let go of those regrets. Someway to stop the demolition and work to build yourself up.

For me, I have to keep telling myself that my missteps and mistakes are made for a reason. Some of the best things in my life come from zigging and not zagging. This works for me, but if it works for use, by all means use it.

Until next time …