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My seat. Now this is awesome!!!

Rules for Standup #standup #standupcomedy

This has nothing to do about working out a tight 15. It has to do with proper etiquette when you attend a comedy club. I am writing this as my trip, may pilgrimage to see one of my favorite standup comedians is just around the corner. My love of standup comedy started with Dennis Leary‚ÄôsContinue reading “Rules for Standup #standup #standupcomedy”

Review for The Cool Kids

I am always looking for a good comedy. I found one last night thanks to Hulu. It premiered last Friday night, so yes, I’m behind, but I had to put this out there. David Allen Greir is Hank, sort of the grumpy old man of the group. He wants adventure and excitement. Martin Mull playsContinue reading “Review for The Cool Kids”