Question of the day 2/13/2020: #struggling

Even though I woke up so optimistic, at 9:41 pm I find myself struggling. I have had several punches to the nose today and I’m emotionally struggling. How do you handle it when you’re struggling to keep your head above water? Surely tomorrow will be better.

I’m Back!!!!

It’s been a while since blogging but I’m back. There have been sooo many changes with me. Not really. I’m still unable to find love and keep making the same mistakes with the same guy. Sigh I did change my hair color so that’s new. I plan on blogging several times a day for rightContinue reading “I’m Back!!!!”

Sunday Motivation

Well hello again. It has been a looooooooong time since I have writing and for many reasons. Before I explain my absence, here is your Sunday Motivation… Change. Yes, I know it’s difficult. Yes, I know it’s uncomfortable. But just do it already. “But, I love me the way that I am”. If you’re atContinue reading “Sunday Motivation”