#diet success

Well, I started Monday with a diet and I have had some success.
I have been gaining weight for the past six months and I decided to do something about it.

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Right now, I am decreasing how much I eat and  changing to healthy food. Seems simple right. Well, it’s been a struggle. I’m out in the field a lot and I usually hit up a drive-thru. Changing bad eating habits is incredibly difficult. Here’s what I have been doing:

1.I am forcing myself to eat breakfast every morning.  I usually just have a cup of coffee for breakfast. I eat either fruit or yogurt.

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2. I snack throughout the day. No more Cheetos or chocolate. I have walnuts and raisins, more fruit, veggies

3. I eat a little lunch. It consists of a sandwich and veggies.

4. I eat a smaller dinner.

5. When I eat a salad, I don’t have salad dressing.

6. I don’t drink any soda. I only drink coffee (black), water, or wine. Come on, you thought I was going to stop drinking wine???

I am very glad to say that as of today, I have lost 4 pounds. I’m hoping to continue on with the weight loss and to return to the gym next week.


#WednesdayWisdom #WednesdayMotivation #Diet

Or lack there of. I’m trying to stay focused but all I do is stay stressed. I’ve applied for another job yesterday. It might be promising and it will certainly be a change.

This diet is still extremely difficult for me today. I’m preoccupied with eating and I’m never preoccupied with eating a salad. I would leap out of a moving vehicle for a cheeseburger right now. This is just day three so I anticipate feeling better about it in the next few days.

Day one of my new #diet. #MondayMotivation #MondayThoughts

So, today I weighed and I am the heaviest I have ever been. That includes both of my pregnancies. I have decided to workout (eventually) and eat healthier.


The latter is extremely difficult. I would punch a puppy for something sweet, or salty, or a taco. Mentally, it is very difficult.

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Fingers crossed it’s worth it and I get some favorable results.

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