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My seat. Now this is awesome!!!

Rules for Standup #standup #standupcomedy

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This has nothing to do about working out a tight 15. It has to do with proper etiquette when you attend a comedy club. I am writing this as my trip, may pilgrimage to see one of my favorite standup comedians is just around the corner.

My love of standup comedy started with Dennis Leary’s No Cure for Cancer. I don’t get a chance to see a lot of standup in a comedy club, but when I do, I’m a happy girl. Well, that’s until someone wants to take over the show or when someone gets too drunk. People can be jack-asses. The following is a list of rules to follow when at the comedy clubs.

1. Arrive early.
2. Take a potty break before the show starts.
3. Put your cell phone away. And I don’t just mean I’m your purse or pocket. I mean turn it off!!!
The first three rules are to help prevent innocently interrupting the comedian during his or her set. Standup is hard enough for the professionals. Get there early, go pee, and keep your ass in the seat and your phone off. 


4. Don’t try to record the set.
If you do this, you are a lowly POS. Don’t mess with their livelihood.

5. If you know the punchline to a joke, let the person at the mic say it. You need to shut the hell up.

6. Don’t over do it with the booze. A jackass is bad enough with the help from alcohol. Even if you are a fine upstanding person, you too can become a jackass.

7. Don’t be delicate. If they make fun of you political guy or gal, or if you get butt-hurt over a religious joke, keep it together. You can’t be sensitive at a comedy club. Lighten up and laugh.

Follow these rules and you can have a great time.

Until next time…


Solo Lunch 6/10/2019

Good afternoon.

I’m taking my lunch in my office today as I am trying to wrap up everything here. I am heading out for a new adventure.

Well, actually, it’s a job that I had previously. I was offered the job along with a lot more money. How can a girl say no.

It’s a job that I’m passionate about and that I am amazing at. Yes there is a lot of stress involved, but I’m confident that I will be able to manage.

I had left that job for the one that I currently have. I thought it would be smooth sailing. It was not.

Always go with your gut before jumping into something.


Solo Lunch 3/18/2019

How things have changed for me in one week…
Last Monday, I was not solo for lunch. I went lunch with a good friend. She insisted on me downloading the Bumble app.

Reluctantly I did. I went through an swiped this way and that way for about a day. I had several matches and started a couple of conversations. Those conversations didn’t go anywhere. I matched with someone and we seemed to hit it off.
Our messages went from Bumble and moved on to texting directly. This was terrifying, but I decided to take that leap. Friday night he called. With my anxiety at DEFCON 1, I decided to take the call.
As an introvert, I am amazing at texting. I am funny, witty, and the words just seem to flow. I am same at letter writing. It’s just too bad that is now a lost art. When the phone of an introvert rings, panic strikes hard. For me, its the same type of panic felt when you see blue lights in the rearview mirror while driving down the road in a stolen car. I assume, I don’t know this from first hand knowledge. I’m just guessing.



I don’t know what came over me. I grabbed my phone and answered the call. We spoke about different stuff for 19 minutes. I checked the time on my phone. To my surprise, I was able to keep the conversation moving and … I enjoyed it. It felt easy. Conversations never feel this easy for me, but this one did. I’m not sure why. Maybe it was the infatuation that was coursing through my body. Maybe it was the sound of his voice (he has an amazing voice).
Plans were made for next weekend. Great, a whole week to agonize over every single detail. Well, things happen the way they need to in life. Things shifted in my schedule and his schedule and we were able to meet up yesterday.
I went from a week to agonize to just 12 hours. I was now forced to do something that I have trouble doing. I would just have to do my best, and accept it.

Wow, a first date and self growth!!!

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He and I met and had an amazing time. Please don’t take this to mean that I will always be able to accept myself  and that I will be OK with myself, but this is a step in the right direction.

To be continued …