Good Morning Wednesday

It’s Wednesday. That means we are almost through the week, and I’m sure some people at my office will be saying that it’s “Hump Day” in an obnoxious voice. I will grab my coffee and just smile. I will try to keep the eye rolling to a minimum.

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Whatever you do, please enjoy.

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The Day is Done

end of the day

Did you get everything completed that you set out to do today? Did you accomplish your goals? I will be honest. I did not. I accomplished a lot, but fell short on some things. But it will be alright.

Don’t beat yourself up for falling short. You fell the way you needed to at the end of the day. If you feel that you fell short today, that’s great. You are cognizant and ABLE to change.

Goodnight for now. We’ll try it again tomorrow.

Depression is …

Depression is smiling at the office.


Depression is playing with the kiddos after school.

Depression is making appearances.

Depression is fooling everyone.

Depression is being everything to everyone.

Depression is crying in your car to work and on the way home.


Depression is making sure you have makeup to cover up the tears streaking down your face.

eye makeup

Depression is looking over and knowing you’re alone.

Depression is hidden, secretive, and lonely.

looking for a friend

***I have been going through depression and I wanted to share this in the hopes that someone going through depression reads this, and knows that you are not alone.

If you are going through depression, reach out, serve others, and know. Know that you are not alone.