Tonight I have traded in my nightly glass of wine for a cup of Tazo Calm Tea. This is my favorite tea and puts me right out, so I will make this quick. No matter what happened today, good or bad, I have some great news … I hope that made you smile. Until tomorrowContinue reading “G’night”

Thursday morning challenge

I my earlier post, I mentioned being the reason someone smiles. Here’s my challenge … I challenge each of you reading this to go out and make someone smile, reblog this challenge, and post a comment on how you made someone smile. It can be something small like smiling and saying good morning to someoneContinue reading “Thursday morning challenge”

My Hero of the Day is …

My husband/ex-husband!!! The nature of our relationship is a little tricky. He and I are physically separated, but nothing has been filed. This has been the deal for several years. Since separating, he and I have been best friends. We are friendly or both the kiddos and for ourselves. We married our best friends, butContinue reading “My Hero of the Day is …”