On Monday, I was freed from my narcissistic (work) relationship. I spent some time thinking about my exit strategy. I decided to write small thank you notes to my co-workers. I sat with her note for a while and weighed my options. Option 1: Call her out. Yes, I really wanted to go with thisContinue reading “FREEDOM”

Friday Wisdom

It’s been a while but I’m back! I’m adding Friday Wisdom to my regular posts along with the word of the day. Here we go, my first bit of Friday Wisdom. If you communicate your standards to someone and it ends your relationship with that person … That relationship was meant to end and perhapsContinue reading “Friday Wisdom”

Not Today Rage

I had a bit of a struggle this morning. First, I got a piece of glass stuck in my foot. It required some contorting to remove. Then I spilled makeup remover on my floor. Then I spilled some eye shadow on the floor. Usually this is where my rage would come out. I would slamContinue reading “Not Today Rage”