New routine

I’ve looked it up and I haven’t found anyone using this term in the same way I use it today. I’ve found definitions ranging from a wild radish to some World of Warcraft term. But I have a completely different definition for this term … RUNCH I have decided to runch four times a week.Continue reading “New routine”

Dealing with a Toxic Friend

This one is heartbreaking for me. I have someone in my life that I became fast friends with. It was only a matter of day before I put my guard down and felt comfortable with her. Here lately, I have taken a step back from this fast friendship to evaluate things. Here are some observations…Continue reading “Dealing with a Toxic Friend”

Not Today Rage

I had a bit of a struggle this morning. First, I got a piece of glass stuck in my foot. It required some contorting to remove. Then I spilled makeup remover on my floor. Then I spilled some eye shadow on the floor. Usually this is where my rage would come out. I would slamContinue reading “Not Today Rage”

Heading in the right direction (but still not there yet)

I’m at a point where I feel that even with my struggles and disappointments, I’m heading in the right direction towards a calm place in my life where I have it together (at least somewhat). It’s kinda nice.