Midday Motivation


Today I got a phone call from a colleague with some questions. Totally normal. During the conversation we began talking about taking work phone calls on the weekends, after work hours, and on vacation days. Previous jobs had me on the phone, in the office, and in the field at all hours. This current job though is not one of those jobs. It is strictly 8-5. There is nothing life or death about this job. That is one of the things that initially drew me to it.

I quickly realized that she wasn’t looking for answers but wanting counseling. She wanted to process the stress and anxiety her job was causing her. I am no longer a counselor, but as a friend, I told her that the job had nothing to do with her stress. She was causing her anxiety. She took a breath and said, “I know but …” I then told her that she was still doing it.

Be careful of the stress that you create. Oh, and don’t call your counselor or ex-counselor friends looking for free counseling.

The Day is Done

end of the day

Did you get everything completed that you set out to do today? Did you accomplish your goals? I will be honest. I did not. I accomplished a lot, but fell short on some things. But it will be alright.

Don’t beat yourself up for falling short. You fell the way you needed to at the end of the day. If you feel that you fell short today, that’s great. You are cognizant and ABLE to change.

Goodnight for now. We’ll try it again tomorrow.