Introvert Vacay #introvert #treatyourself

Well, I’m doing it and loving it. A vacation by myself. I drove two and a half hours solo, checked in and had a late lunch. There is no one that I have to worry about and no one I have to talk to. This is sooo nice. For convenience, I had lunch at theContinue reading “Introvert Vacay #introvert #treatyourself”

Question of the day 2/11/2020: Anticipation #questionoftheday #anticipation

I have a trip planned for Saturday to Nashville and it is a SOLO TRIP!!! No kids. No family. No toxic men that don’t want to commit and send nothing but mixed messages. Just me. I plan on taking tons of photos and doing a review of the hotel and the standup comic I’m seeing.Continue reading “Question of the day 2/11/2020: Anticipation #questionoftheday #anticipation”