Should I …

I have been toying with the idea of quitting my job. There are several different reasons why. I’m drained emotionally working with a narcissist. It’s really taking a toll on me and I dread coming into work everyday. I have several writing projects that I can’t find time for right now. If I’m not working,Continue reading “Should I …”

Rules for Standup #standup #standupcomedy

This has nothing to do about working out a tight 15. It has to do with proper etiquette when you attend a comedy club. I am writing this as my trip, may pilgrimage to see one of my favorite standup comedians is just around the corner. My love of standup comedy started with Dennis Leary’sContinue reading “Rules for Standup #standup #standupcomedy”

Question of the day 2/11/2020: Anticipation #questionoftheday #anticipation

I have a trip planned for Saturday to Nashville and it is a SOLO TRIP!!! No kids. No family. No toxic men that don’t want to commit and send nothing but mixed messages. Just me. I plan on taking tons of photos and doing a review of the hotel and the standup comic I’m seeing.Continue reading “Question of the day 2/11/2020: Anticipation #questionoftheday #anticipation”

I’m Back!!!!

It’s been a while since blogging but I’m back. There have been sooo many changes with me. Not really. I’m still unable to find love and keep making the same mistakes with the same guy. Sigh I did change my hair color so that’s new. I plan on blogging several times a day for rightContinue reading “I’m Back!!!!”