Tonight I have traded in my nightly glass of wine for a cup of Tazo Calm Tea. This is my favorite tea and puts me right out, so I will make this quick. No matter what happened today, good or bad, I have some great news … I hope that made you smile. Until tomorrowContinue reading “G’night”

Sunday Motivation

Well hello again. It has been a looooooooong time since I have writing and for many reasons. Before I explain my absence, here is your Sunday Motivation… Change. Yes, I know it’s difficult. Yes, I know it’s uncomfortable. But just do it already. “But, I love me the way that I am”. If you’re atContinue reading “Sunday Motivation”

Solo Lunch 4/2/2019

The times are a changin’. Change is the only constant in my life right now. I am making the move to a little farmhouse this month. Those that know me are laughing at this change. I will have to flex my pioneer muscle which is very small. I am also still in the infatuation stageContinue reading “Solo Lunch 4/2/2019”