Home at last

There’s nothing like walking through the front door after a looooooooooong day at work. It’s the ex’s day with the kiddos and I have no where to run. No practice, no sports game, no service work, no nothing.

I think a nice dinner is in order.

dinner plate

Then some writing.

type writer

Binge watching Hulu.


A glass of red.

red wine

Then bed.

cat bed

Sometimes, you have to slow down and enjoy solitude.


I’ll be back later tonight.

Not gonna stop now.

I am sitting here working on a spec script and I was starting to feel lazy. I was going to stop of the day and end up watching Fixer Upper. Damn I love that show. I checked Twitter and saw this …

Keep Going

I saw this right when I needed to. So, Chip and Joanna will have to wait. I will keep working and finish this spec script and the second episode of my series. I will KEEP GOING!!!